What is Mainspring?

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Mainspring is a web content management tool that enables institutions to rapidly maintain a powerful, informative web presence with no technical experience. The Mainspring system gives your organization full control over the stuff that binds a community together: Information.

Easy to use and update: Using a familiar word-processor style interface, non technical staff can add information to the website, keeping it up-to-date and powerful.

Stocked with tools: Calendars, news tools, and easy document distribution make your website a deep well of information for website visitors.

Flexible: Mainspring gives you full control over how your website is organized, so it can grow as large as you need it to.

Customized: Your Mainspring website can work with any graphic design, from us, from you, or from your preferred graphic designer.

Mainspring Detail

Mainspring is a thoroughly field tested content management system helping a diverse set of clients worldwide easily create and organize content for websites or Intranets. The system has proven its ease of use and flexibility, fitting each client's information and software needs, budgets, and design requirements.

The Mainspring content management system is a tool for adding and organizing content on a website or Intranet with little or no technical experience.

Additional modules, such as a news modules, or custom modules are seamlessly integrated into the Mainspring content management system for a convenient, single point of access for all content management activities.

Information is a critical part of a strong community. That's why rich and easy to find information is be a powerful tool for establishing and strengthening relationships within your community. Too often, however, the most knowledgeable people in an organization don't know how to add content to a website or an Intranet. Here is Mainspring can help.

Mainspring removes the technical barriers that keep the most informed people at an organization from contributing to an organization's communication. Mainspring is fast, easy, and grows with your organization.

The Mainspring content management system can automate many of the basic but time-consuming processes of content management, so you don't have to worry about them. Self-updating navigation menus, dynamically generated document links, and smart template selection are just a few examples of this. The system supports unlimited permissions based accounts for multiple content managers. Text formatting is handled with pre-set conventions so that it conforms to a consistent, professional, approved format throughout your site.

Pure style sheet formatting ensures that future re-designs are less costly and it eliminates the need for time-consuming content migration. After the new design is completed, it is universally applied to your system in a matter of seconds. There is no need to re-format content.

If you are looking for more control over your website, or if you are a web master and need a tool that takes care of the repetitive processes while you concentrate on the bigger picture, the Mainspring content management system might be the right fit. Contact us today for a free demonstration.

The Mainspring content management system is used by non-profit organizations, cities, charities, and businesses to help them communicate and meet their goals.