What does a standard Mainspring site include?

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A Mainspring site is all-inclusive. We provide hosting, web addresses, emails, and all the other basic things you need to get your website going. The Mainspring content management system comes standard with a variety of easy-to-use modules that give your site extra power:


Sell your products online through the Mainspring storefront. This storefront is integrated with PayPal, so you know it's secure, and it is included with the Mainspring package at no extra cost.

Mainspring News:

This is a tool for adding news, stories, or frequently updated information. The most recent story can be automatically added to your home page.

Mainspring Calendar:

The calendar can be set to automatically list the next few upcoming events on your home page.

Image galleries:

Mainspring simplifies the process of adding image galleries to your site, complete with image captions.

Document distribution tool:

Offer newsletters, donation forms, MS Word documents, video clips, sound clips, and any other types of documents or files you'd like to distribute. Mainspring enables you to add any type of document to your website, so that people can download files and documents from your site.

Forms builder:

Forms are a good way to collect desired information from people visiting your website. They fill out the form, make their selections, and submit it. The form will then be e-mailed to you.

Permissions-based editing accounts:

Mainspring enables you to distribute your web maintenance workload among other people of your choosing. You can create editing accounts for them and set their, what they can and cannot do when working on your website.
Visit Tracker

Mainspring generates site visit reports so that you can see how often people visit your site and what pages are visited most frequently.

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