Text Conventions

Mainspring supports several advanced features in the Content field on the page edit screen. These are not necessary to create web pages; but some intrepid contributors or editors might wish to try them out.

Creating Headers

You may create a header within a page by placing two underscore characters (__) at the beginning of a line, followed by your header.

You may create links to websites on your page by surrounding the link with brackets, like this: [web address]. The web address can be any valid web site URL.

Creating Bulleted Lists

You can create bulleted lists of items by putting an asterisk (*) followed by a space at the beginning of each line of the list. A blank line will signal the end of the list.

Use of HTML Tags

Mainspring allows the use of HTML tags in the content edit area. This is useful for boldfacing text, creating headers, tables... whatever you wish. For more information on HTML, your local bookstore will carry several books on the subject.

Adding Inline Images

Images can be uploaded as documents with Manage Documents. To use an image in a page, use {imagename}. where imagename is the image's file Title. The image doesn't necessarily have to be attached to the current page; it can be located on any Mainspring page.

To make a link to an email address, put only mailto:address in the Redirect field (under Advanced Options). Instead of creating a link to a Mainspring HTML document, Mainspring will create a link which will open an email to the specified address.