Managing Documents

Mainspring allows any page to link to any number of documents. "Documents" can be virually any type of file: traditional publications (PDFs, word processing or spreadsheet documents), digital media (movies, audio files), or even HTML files.

To begin managing documents for a page, click "Documents" on the Manage Pages screen row for that page. If any documents are connected to a page, the number of documents will be shown.

Clicking "Documents" will bring you to a page document management screen. This will show a list of documents connected to that page. Each line of the list has a Delete option, which removes the document from your server; you will be asked to confirm this action.

Adding a Document

At the top of the document list screen contains the form needed to add a document to the current page. The Title field is used to rename the document so that Mainspring can keep track of it; this name is used for the document's link on the page. If the Title is omitted, Mainspring will use the original filename of the document as it is on your local system.

The Caption field allows you to add a phrase to the document. This phrase will appear on the page's document list after the name of the document.

The Upload Document field is the local path to the document, where the document resides on your computer. If you click "Browse...", you can search your system for the document you wish to add.

When you click Add Document, the document will be uploaded to the web host's server, renamed (if a Title is chosen), and its link will be added to the page.

Deleting a Document

To delete a document, select the page from the document page list. Find the document you wish to delete on the list, and click Delete. You will be asked to confirm this action.