Image Trouble Shooting

So you're still having trouble with those images, eh?

First, double check

Very often, everthing worked out fine, but your browser is displaying an old version of your page.

First, make sure to click Build Site in Mainspring.

Next view the actual web page you added the image to and click the refresh button on your's the button up at the top of your browser that looks like a recylcing symbol. Make sure you're not looking at the Mainspring interface, you want to be looking at the actual web page on your website.

The refresh button tells your browser to request the most recent version of the page you created.

If that doesn't work...

  • You may not be waiting long enough when uploading an image. This is the most common issue. Depending on where you're adding your image Mainspring will either return you to the Manage Pages screen or the Manage Gallery screen when your image has finished uploading. Sometimes, if your image is larger or if the connection is slow, this can take a few minutes, which can seem like forever. If it seems to take WAY too long, try sizing down the image with whatever image editing software you use and then try to upload it again...or simply give it more time...get a tall cup of milk and cuddle up with a book until the image has uploaded and you're redirected to the Manage Pages screen or the Manage Gallery screen.

  • Make sure you're uploading an image. It should either be a .jpg or a .gif file.